401k Secrets Revealed

Apply the Only 401k training based on real time data to show you how to consistently pick the best investments in your plan.

The secret is a disarmingly simple, yet profoundly effective method that’s been used by Wall Street Giants since before 1885. Wall Street doesn’t want you to know this method because their very successful business is based on your doing nothing. (Except to keep adding money to your account!)

In 7 short, video tutorials you’ll discover:

  • when cash is better than your other choices – and when it’s not.
  • why all your 401k choices crashed in 2008 – and how to avoid a repeat performance.
  • how to spot today’s winners & losers in your investment line-up.
  • Free online tools to help you measure the unique set of investments offered in your plan – every day.
  • Training on the one market indicator which becomes bearish at market tops and bullish at market bottoms.

Enjoy unlimited access to 7 short, video tutorials which will quickly take you step-by-step through this easy process. Videos range in length from 4 to 13 min. averaging about 10 min.

  • Simple – Access the tutorials from any computer or hand-held with an internet connection.
  • Professional – Your host, George Huss, is 56 years old with 30 years of industry experience and the study and practice of this unique method.
  • FREE Trial  – Check out the videos for 48 hours. If it’s not for you, just cancel.

What others have said about George’s training:

  • “What a find!”
  • “401k explained in a way that makes sense!”
  • “Excellent information. Well thought out and easy to understand.”
  • “The short format is enjoyable!”

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