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In order to get your free quote for the 401k Coaching Program we need to gather a little information.


Please send an image of the investment choices in your 401k Plan. If it is easier, you can copy and paste the list from your plan provider if they have a list on their website.


Ticker symbols would be a tremendous help; but, they’re not required.


The ticker symbol is a string of 5 letters which identifies the Fund choice. For example, American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund is AEPGX.


Finally, we need to know the current account balance.


That’s it!


Once you have it ready, e-mail it to:

(It’s easier than don’t you think?)


Once we have that information, we will send you the free quote and you can decide if you want to take the next step.


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PS: If you have any questions, use the email above. I reply to emails personally!

PSS: This same message has been sent to your email – Just so you know how to find it when you’re ready. Talk to you soon!

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