Finally, How to make the most of your 401k options

This is the 1st free coaching Module in the upcoming series!

Discover what to measure; where to find it; and, how to measure it! In this episode we detail how to use a logical, organized, systematic way you can measure the investment options in your 401k plan by using the top 5 equity funds offered in 401k plans today.
00:29 – The foundation
01:08 – The Top 5 equity funds offered in 401k plans today
01:30 – Top stock offered in 401k plans today
02:00 – Poing & Figure Charting – THE insider secret
02:40 – Free eBook
03:40 – YouTube Channel
04:02 – Free Charting website
05:03 – American Funds Growth Fund of America detailed review
07:33 – Measuring “what is”

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