Your No more Tears 401k investment Strategy

This is Module # 4 on helping you make better 401k investment choices. FidelityContrafund, one of the top five mutual funds found in 401k plans today, is the subject being used to highlight Point & Figure technical analysis. For instructions on how to access the chart for free on, check out either of the two past videos.

01:25 – Point & Figure Charting – Charles Dow
01:47 – FCNTX – Fidelity Contrafund
02:22 – Chart Comparison AGTHX, AEPGX, NYVTX and FCNTX
05:23 – “Buy signals” and “Sell signals”
06:39 – The first sell signal in an uptrend is “typically” false
07:47 – No Middle ground
08:45 – Why it’s called the “Scientific” method

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