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Discover what to measure; where to find it; and, how to measure it! In this episode we detail how to use a logical, organized, systematic way you can measure the investment options in your 401k plan by using the top 5 equity funds offered in 401k plans today.

In this episode, we highlight the Euro Pacific Growth Fund, one the five top mutual funds offered in 401(k) plans today, to demonstrate what and how to measure what’s really important.

We continue with your introduction to Point & Figure Charting using one of the top five mutual funds found in 401k plans today: the Davis NY Venture Fund. Symbol NYVTX. Update: the 1933 book mentioned: DeVilliers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting, is available free from Google Books. Here is a short URL I’ve created to grab it: http://ftp2.co/1933

FidelityContrafund, one of the top five mutual funds found in 401k plans today, is the subject. For instructions on how to access the chart for free on stockcharts.com, check out the first video. Included here: Charles Dow – Chart Comparison AGTHX, AEPGX, NYVTX and FCNTX – “Buy signals” and “Sell signals” – The first sell signal is “typically” false – Why it’s called the “Scientific” method.

The Vanguard 500 Index Fund chart under analysis. Find the step-by-step walk through to access the chart for free on stockcharts.com, in the first video. Highlights: A Man of integrity: Charles Henry Dow – Review of the Top five 401k Mutual Funds – Cash is King… in a Bear Market – Mental Stop Loss targets – News is NOT important. (Update: The mutual fund industry, after 2008, has been moving to increase the percent of cash a fund may hold. 25% is the highest number I’ve seen so far. Check the prospectus.)

Pulling it all together, it is time to reveal one of the most useful indicators ever devised to manage risk in your 401k. Just like PnF charting itself, this is an easy concept to grasp.

Now let’s bring to center stage, for the first time, a game changing concept to filter 401k investment choices – Relative Strength with an obvious secret!

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