The 401k Main Menu

The details of the Main Menu of your 401k investment options can be found in your Summary Plan Description. Ask your Human Resources Department for a current copy of this document.


In this document you should find the mutual fund choices available to you.

Steps you may want to consider to evaluate your choices:

  1. What is the default investment option? In other words, if you do not make a choice, will your contributions automatically be parked in a money market account or invested in a Target Date Fund?

  2. Do you understand the risks inherent in Target Date Funds, if that is your default option?

  3. Does your company offer a computer generated, asset allocation investment model?

  4. Do you know the difference between a strategic asset allocation strategy and a tactical asset allocation strategy?

  5. Do you understand that your employer is not responsible for the investment choices you make?

  6. Will you look at your nest-egg more than once a year?

  7. Do you have a risk management strategy for your 401k account?

  8. Do you have the time, talent and persistence to manage this on your own?


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